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Her sigh came requited, darling quivers permitted
by spear of Relleis, whose stroke fell committed.
A sound by the door caused a stir to awake,
feral beast from their lips, a rapturous quake.

Slick silver slid in, came then father’s exclaim
To tar youth lovelorn with a monstrous blame
No merit among peers held onto the pair,
for Sarinias did, after all, spear his fair share.

Thus it came by feud blossomed from blood,
over father, a Kinlord, and a daughter's shed bud.

Kinlord, armour, with sword silver and ready;
Youth and his weapon, with length held steady.
“If you’ll not hold true, then by the gods I dismiss!
Our daughter’s no mare to the ass of Relleis.”

Kinlord thrust true, true against naught,
blinded by light, a sun spear-caught.
While fool of Relleis brought blade to tear,
and Kinlord gore washed over the stair.

Came then the name spoken ill of deed done:
woe onto he who ired Littlesun.
Although there is little recorded on Sarinias the youth, Cloudrest and the lower Kins of those days are so well known that the early environment of this representative citizen may be easily imagined. Cloudrest is described as a city with two opposite currents of life; one beneath the austere High Kinships of the time, whose lives were hewn pithy from the rocks of Eton Nir; the other beneath the grandiose coral parapets of this great Summerset marvel, whose denizens embraced with sanguine delight those rare wonders that flowered from Crystal-Like-Law. At once were they considered practical and pragmatic Altmer, further they were prideful and flamboyant. It is often said that he who is born where the clouds come to rest, drinks in - unfiltered - the pride of the magna-ge. This was perhaps a more palatable way of reminding Summerset, the vaunted sentiments of superiority belonging to these mountain mer.

No family better represented the extremes of this persona than the Ralleidril, scions of the Relleisi, and no son of this bloodline serves a better example than Sarinias himself - later to be known as Sarinteal, the Littlesun, and ‘Prince’ of Solstice. Before ambitious inflections, the clan once dwelled harmoniously with the Kin of Cloudrest and Lillandril: Vhelcano, Camiere, Syldarim and their like. These peers they left for greater Tamriel in the early Merethic Era, only to return in the late Ayleid Period following the rise and fall of the elven dominance over the mainland continent. In spite of their bygone wanderlust, The Ralleidril were considered cunning and brave in both the fundamentals of their martial prowess, artful in their culture, and affluent as per the blessings of the mountains and crags upon which they perched. Thus, they were welcomed back to Summerset with surprisingly open arms, flung as such perhaps out of the necessities of the time.

Beneath their hall of Relleismath flourished the various fault lines that originated the ‘Andamolag’ - an ill-gotten name, meaning ‘The Long Fire’. It is to Andamolag that the region owed the majority of it’s wealth in the absence of the vineyards and agriculture that would only blossom centuries later. It was considered among the Ralleidril, that it was he who cut the neatest gem from the mildest of stone was the most artful; and he who wounded his rival most cleverly was known as the wisest. In spite of their prosperity - showcased in the rivulets of sapphire, bloodstone and meteoric glass that flowed from their mines - they were never considered a vital artery of the region. Careless to their trade with the freehold of Anvil, the Abscean Sea and the Gold Coast that made them a power to withstand the likes of Pyandonea and Thras, the Ralleidril still lacked one fundament with which to rely - a natural spring.

This misfortune would be later rectified by the mother of Sarinias, Muruuen the Caller, to the clan’s immediate sorrow.

At the time of Sarinias’ birth, it was his progenitor, Canonreeve Daeldion, who ruled the Ralleidril and his three sons; retainers then onto the Vhelcano Kinship of Seadirge. He was a clever yet cautious mer, who begat a son whom was clever yet bold. Sarinias was known then as a firebrand among Sapiarch Nolin the Many-Hued’s colloquium, as an empathic, magnetic, yet audacious student. For his time at the Tower beneath the Sapiarch of Enchantment before his expulsion, Sarinias was personally tutored and later considered muse to Magister Sondare, eldest scion to Vhelcano, and once a prodigal sage to the Sapiarch himself. She took kindly to the youth, citing his fierce persona and keen understanding of the lore behind architectural constructs belonging to the Aldmer as “magnificently idiosyncratic”. Her writings on the mer made particular emphasis to his ambitious notions regarding the storied histories of Merethic Tamriel. To the injustices wrought upon them he responded most passionately, and in his studies he was keen to undermine - perhaps even usurp - the uniform structure for which his own people were known. Instead he favoured the more eclectic tastes of these bygone kingdoms, in particular he interest in the motifs that often inspired the heretical Ayleid and Falmer before him: subsequently birds of prey midst incandescent suns appeared often in his works and would continue to do so for the remainder of his days.

Despite his peculiarities (or perhaps because of them) Sondare soon took Sarinias - a youth two centuries her lesser - as paramour, and later still as Kinlord. Thus it came as no surprise when the tempestuous youth, overcame his reticent father, and that the Ralleidril Kinship came into stewardship of Seadirge following the former Kinlord Vhelcano’s demise. With Vhelcano cold and Daeldion expelled abroad, Sarinias took his own leave from the Crystal Tower to garner support from Summerset proper. It was a task hard-earned for a mer perceived as an excitable upstart and, ultimately, resulted in the backing of only one minor bureau at the time: the Thalmor.

This union would later beget the famed Kinhouse of Solstice, and the centuries of turmoil to follow.
Principality of Solstice
“In my youth I remember the Canonreeve’s manor. Relleismath's white stone walls were laced with the imago of my ancestors, every last one posthumous. It was beneath the vigil of the ascended dead that Daeldion touched the shoulder of his son. He paid me mind for the first and last time of my youth, and said: ‘Here stand the conquerors and conquered alike. Memorise their faces, for among them you shall one day stand, shamed or exalted.’”
Sarinteal Ralleidril, Kinlord of Solstice
Varlaisamir by Anteal
From Vulkhel Guard to Firsthold across Auridon a Kinlord’s decree is dispersed among the notable masses. Upon Thalmor silks the pearlescent calligraphy reads thus:

I, Sarinteal Ralleidril, scion to Relleis; Ald Malatar; Balfiera; and Kinlord of Solstice, declare the auspicious birth of my son to Lady Kaetlyn Ralleidril of the Faerveren line, and the Jewel of Auridon.

On the 31st of Last Seed in the year 583 of the Second Era, Aicalion, Magister of Ceremoniarchy, ordained Varlaisamir true of the Ralleidril - as the praxis dictates.

The hour of his birth portended the changing of the stars; where the Warrior set down his varlasil weapon - that which had hewn clear the skies over Cyrodiil, Pyandonea and Thras - and made free a path the fair Lady to tread and lay her grace.

Varlaisamir, as his forebearers before him, will bloom into a shield of righteousness for the Summerset Isles. Not only this, but his generation will bask hence in Tamriel born anew beneath a Merethic Dawn and within an Aldmeri Dominion.

By my mark and seal,
Sarinteal Ralleidril, Kinlord of Solstice

The decree comes with an open offer from the College of Altmeri Propriety, for all loyal citizens of Auridon to visit with appropriate tribute, the newfound heir to the Ralleidril Kinhouse.
From the tradeport of Seadirge, nestled beneath the valley and soaring summit home of we cunning Ralleidril, finer elements of lore and magical artistry are drawn inwards, refined, and expelled. Across the Summerset isle they soar upon white sails; now bearing the proud mark of the Solstice Sun - the gilded sigil of our bloodline. We are the watchers of Magnus, born to guard Nirn from the perils of the willful yet arrogant, the bold yet foolish.

Every name has its beginning however, and before the greatness - that boiled such silent divinity in our blood - erupted into what is today summarised humbly as our towering influence, lived a mer with the good fortune of self, and the greater fortune of birthing greater sons.

My father, Daeldion, was a mer of substantial quality, accrued by the innumerable means in which he excelled, simply, at every avenue he walked. Auri-El knows where a retainer to the Reaches Where Clouds go to Rest came across such a fortune - and so do I: it is in our blood, as the river flows. Our heritage is rich, though some petty few would argue we lack the funds to prove it. Alas, my father was the first of many rebuttals, as it was in these words of Ralleidril that Summerset was coerced to bestow upon him wives plenty and offspring to dismiss.

Impressive as it is, by no means were the fortunes of his blessed life going to serve as anything more than a foundation for fleeting prosperity. Gold accrued without merit, and without being further applied to the cultural endeavours of our great people, are a vice - not a virtue. As a result of this thinking, that prosperity - and insurmountable virtue - is well renowned today, and grows ever bolder beneath by own tender.

As mentioned, the methods of my father in his youth were grandiose enough to seize the attention of a variety of members from the fringes of nobility: daughters of Kinladies, or Kinladies themselves, ranging from Alinor to Skywatch, came in throngs to attend his brilliance. He woo'd our people so, using extraordinary displays of magical aptitude that shudder in anticipation to be repeat.

Among them - though certainly not sharing a caste nor common prole-born soul - resided my mother and progenitor, Muruuen, who as befitting her birth and sizable personal prowess was akin to a lesser Aedra in her gait. Having born witness to her pristine self, before the tragedies wrought by the now-spent Vhulcano bloodline, I can attest to the sheer gloriousness of her radiance. It was a brilliance that was taken from us to instead grace Aetherius as one of the brightest of stars.

Rumour had it that she had been taught the Elder Way to its fullest; accepting their teachings and the powers that followed naturally on from that, with the grace befitting Aldmeri. Beneath her shadow swam a myriad of other, notably lesser potential consorts to the Ralleise line, mothers to my brothers and born as practical triplets in a fashion.

Thereon, for close to two decades following, the Relleise seed was sown, reaped, and sown again. By Xen’s golden rule, the unwarranted pap was separated and discarded from the cream of our crop, so that - benign - the image of Auri-El would glisten. A glorious affair indeed, by any account, though arduous and taxing even for one as impressive as Triaehna.

To these remarkable mer, myself and my two brothers were born. Over the course of six years, ten children were sired by the rigours of my father and his loyalists; what happened to the other seven - perhaps it was even more - we were dissuaded from enquiring. They were unbefitting the crown of clear and flawless Relleis blood. To the three of us that remained, the years passed as the wind did the meadow, swiftly and with grace, until our competition onto lordship reached its apex, and I, Sarinteal of Ralleidril, Kinlord of Solstice, ruled Archon over our fiefdom.

Romantic it is, and from time to time many have come to doubt the integrity of our earnest word on the grounds that such a spectacular tale holds no merit - to which our response: “Cloudrest reaches beyond rain and sky; even Crystal-Like-Law itself spectacle over the breadth of Eton Nir, whose gallant surface towers over wayward Tamriel from leagues abroad. See for yourselves then how Summerset’s soaring heights stand substantial and true, then weigh them truer still against the word of Relleise. Yes, among such lofty company, we are midst kin.”

Time and time again in the years following their critique, the same mer who doubted the words of the Relleisi have suffered stiflingly irreparable damage to their name and fortune, to the extent that their words may well be shared in the same esteem as the dirt at our heel.

Befitting our perch now upon the northeastern shore of the Summerset, the Sun Bird of Solstice, carved from the stone of Eton Nir, resumes the vigil that was our and is our legacy, over the Cape of the Blue Divide and the troubles beyond.

By the wealth of my father, the wisdom of my mother, and the will that was my own, our auspicious heritage flows ever on, in service to the memory of High King Hidelith, and the spirit of his name.

So the truth stands, and in that truth we of Sariniase Relleis, reborn Relleidril - who are the old roots of Malatar, Ald Balifera and the loremasters of the western watch - are the direct scions of Aldmeris true, and the fathers of the wayward Cyrodi. Our suffering children of Tamriel shall be brought to heel, and with a guiding hand understand the golden dawn that sings: Aldmeri. Dominion.

For Aldmeri Ruler, and Aldmeri Dominion.


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